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International Scientific Events

18 th Biennial congress (ATCSA) 26-28 Nopember 2007, Bali

  1. A Retrospective study of the management of thoracic injury in Surabaya,Indonesia
  2. Total anomalous pulmonary vein drainage in childhood and teenager
  3. Succesfull surgical operation of a child with tetralogy of fallot,diaphragm hernia and omphalocele
  4. Bidirectional cavo pulmonal shunt a palliative procedure : 4 Years of experience

19 th Biennial congress (ATCSA) 25-28 Oktober 2009, Korea

  1. Closure of Ventricular Septal Defect and severe pulmonary hypertension with double layer patch
  2. Sternum reconstruction using Tahalele’s Method after wide excision of the isolated sternal tumor

20th Annual Congress Association of thoracic and cardiovascular surgeons of asia (ATCSA) 27-31 Oktober 2010,Beijing

  1. The First Successfull video-assisted 2 dimensional endoscopic thoracoscopy for cardiac surgery in Indonesia : Report 2 cases

21th Annual Congress (ATCSA) & 19th ASCVTS,26-29 Mei 2011, Phuket

  1. Ten years experience in management rib fracture using SHAPP fixation in dr. Soetomo Hospital Surabaya
  2. Five years experience,surgical management vascular lession in dr. Soetomo hospital Surabaya Indonesia (2005-2010)

ASCVS XXth Annual congress Bali 2012

  1. Carotid endarterectomy versus stenting : an international perspective
  2. First Indonesia experience of complete repair of TOF on beating heart wuthout aortic cross clamping : Report two cases

18th Asian congress of surgery,Cebu Phillipines 2012

  1. Chest wall tumor and chest wall reconstruction surgery using Tahalele’s method

22th Annual congress (ATCSA), 15-18 November 2012 , Kinibalu

  1. Surgical treatmen of sternal fracture : Serial of 10 cases
  2. ON Beating heart with continous coronary perfussion mitral valve replacement without aortic cross clamp : A case report
  3. Left Atrium approach in ventricular septal defect with dextrocardia,persistent left superior caval vein and severe pulmonary hypertension
  4. The use of steinless sternal clip for sternal fixation in post sternotomy in javanese male goat (Copra Hircus) : A Laboratorium comparassion stretch and strength study with sternal wire
  5. A case report of partial atrioventricular septal defect in adult
  6. The usage of intraventricular NTG in vivo as the antidote for heparin effect
  7. Mysthenia Gravis in patient without evidence thymoma on radiology,a case
  8. A Retrospective study of the management of thoracic surgery injury in Surabaya, Indonesia : Twenty six experiences (1987-2012)
  9. Chest wall tumor and wall reconstruction surgery using Tahalele’s Method
  10. Penetrating injury to the cardiac
  11. Management of traumatic subclavian artery in Surabaya,Indonesia : Four Years experience (2009-2012)
  12. First experience of Indonesia : Early report of eight cases on congenital beating heart surgery with continous coronary artery perfusion without aortic cross clamp

6th World Congress of paediatric Cardiology and cardiac surgery 17-23 Februari 2013,Cape Town

  1. A succesfull beating heart surgery in congenital heary disease in Indonesia
  2. Partial anomalous pulmonary vein drainage with atrial septal defect in adulthood : A serial case of 4 patients in Indonesia

23th Annual Congresss associaton of thoracic and cardiovascular surgeons of asia (ATCSA) 10-13 Oktober 2013,Singapore

  1. Vascular illotrauma in paediatrics
  2. Surgical Correction of pectus excavatum : The Airlangga Experience
  3. Thymectomy in non thymomatous myasthenia gravis : Case Series
  4. Blunt traumatic subclavian artery injuries : Serial Case

24th Annual Congress (ATCSA) 5-8 November 2014, Hanoi Vietnam

  1. Successful surgical management of residual patent ductus arteriousus after amplatzer ductal occluder embolization : a case report
  2. Experience on beating heart surgery with continous coronary artery perfusion without aortic cross clamp
  3. A case series : Six years Experiences in surgical management of twelve subclavian artery injury

The 39th Biennial World Congress of the International College of surgeouns , 20-24 Oktober 2014, Nusa dua Bali

  1. Case report : ectopia cordis
  2. The 29 years experience of treating penetrating cardiac trauma in Surabaya,Indonesia
  3. Experience on Beating Heart surgery with continous coronary artery perfusion without aortic cross clamp
  4. Six years experience in surgical managemen of twelve traumatic subclavian artery injury in Surabaya
  5. The 29 years experience of treating penetrating cardiac trauma in Surabaya Indonesia
  6. Case report on subxyphoid mass as ruptured ascending aorta
  7. Chest wall recrontruction surgery using Tahelele’s Method in Surabaya – Indonesia
  8. Management of kipple trenauny syndrome in Surabaya

23 rd Annual Meeting of the Asian Society for Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery di Hong Kong 11-14 Mei 2015

  1. Case Report on Subxyphoid Mass as Ruptured Ascending Aorta
  2. A Case Report of Chronic Thrombus in The Right Pulmonary Artery and Pulmonary Hypertension ” Poster Presentation

ATLS Anual Region XVI Meeting 2015, 23 Agustus 2015, Pathumwan, Bangkok

  1. A restrospective Study of The Management of Thoracic Injury in Surabaya, Indonesia, Twenty-Nine Years experiences (1987-2015)

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